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As the region’s exclusive representative of Bell & Gossett products, we are able to furnish top quality pumps quickly to help you complete jobs faster and provide superior service. Trust the Power of e for efficiency, experience, expertise, and environmental engineering!

The Series e-60 is a three-piece in-line centrifugal pump designed for heating and cooling, potable water, and other fluid transfer applications.

Series e-60 features:

  • Upgraded unitized mechanical seal
  • Dimensional interchangeability with legacy Series 60
  • Series e-60 ECM for simple variable speed control
  • 3 year workmanship warranty (1 year for ECM)

Replaces Series: Armstrong 1050 & 1060, Taco 1600, Grundfos UPS

Download the e-60 Replacement Parts Guide.

The Series e-80 delivers a broad efficiency range for fixed or variable speed operation. Scale up to 8 of these versatile units in parallel operation.

Series e-80 features:

  • Cast iron body with stainless steel impellers
  • Sensored or sensorless controls
  • Expanded efficiency island
  • Vertical or horizontal application

Replaces series: Armstrong™ 4380, Taco® KV, Grundifos™ VL

Download the e-80 Replacement Parts Guide.

Series e-90 boasts the new robust EPR/carbon/silicon carbide mechanical seal which lowers maintenance and increases the life of the pump. This pump is rated for 250°F and 175 PSI and is perfect for chilled water loops or heating water loops in commercial hydronic systems.

Series e-90 features:

  • Close-coupled, horizontal or vertical installation
  • Space saving back-pull-out design, low maintenance, long life, quick shipment
  • Wide range of applications; hydronic heating and cooling, pressure-boosting, refrigeration and heat exchanger circulation
  • 3 phase 1-3 HP Premium Efficiency TEFC, 1 Phase available from 1/3 – 2HP ODP

Replaces Series: Armstrong 4360, Taco 1900, Grundfos TP

Download the e-90 replacement parts guide.

Series e-1510 is available in 26 sizes and a variety of configuration options that enables customization and flexibility to fit a broad range of operating conditions.

Series e-1510 features:

  • True Back Pullout
  • cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design technology
  • Internally Self-Flushing Mechanical Seal
  • Computer Controlled Impeller Balancing
  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Baseplate
  • Solid-Foot Mounted Volut

Replaces Series: 1510

Download the e-1510 Replacement Parts Guide.


The Series e-1531 is a space-saving, close-coupled, end suction pump with footless volute and the largest “Efficiency Island” compared to other similar pumps.

Series e-1531 features:

  • Available with Intelligent Pump Controllers and Variable Speed Drives
  • 15 sizes, 1.25” through 6” discharge
  • Back pullout design for ease of maintenance

Replaces Series: 1531

Download the e-1531 Replacement Parts Guide.

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