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Three Models Added

Now Bell & Gossett e-80, e-1510, and e-1531 fresh water pumps are available for 48-hour shipping along with the e-60 & e-90 models.
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Easy-maintenance inline control valves shipped fast!

SpiraTrol™ Control Valves deliver low total cost of ownership through their reliability, simple commissioning, ease of maintenance, wide choice of options and superior support.
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Calculating Pump Energy Savings

With the highest energy consumption among energy-driven systems, pumps present the biggest opportunity for value savings. This video from the Hydraulic Institute shows how pump energy ratings make it simple to calculate actual power savings.
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After a full season of maintaining the water treatment we found very favorable results. We have found that we used about 22% less chemical this year at Buffalo City Court. Considering 2005 was the hottest summer ever recorded in Buffalo, this is very impressive. For anyone looking at a new cooling tower, I would recommend talking to Frank P. Langley Co.

Steve Bard, District Manager - Chem Aqua