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Frank P. Langley carries hundreds of products from dozens of the top lines in steam, hydronics, HVAC, plumbing & sprinklers. Our revised, redesigned line card lists all our top products at a glance.


Electric Water Heaters
Tank Type Heaters
Instantaneous Water Heaters
Cement Lined Tanks

High Strength Magnetic Filters

Salt-less Water Treatment

Control Valves
Steam Traps
Non-electric Condensate Pumps
Flow Meters
Redi Heat Water Heater

Centrifigul Base Mounted Pumps
In-Line Pumps
ECM Pumps
Heat Exchangers
Pressure Booster Packages
Hydronic Specialties
Variable Speed Drives

Residential & Commercial Boilers
Copper Fin Tube Boilers
Stainless Steel Condensing Boilers
Water Heaters
Pool Heaters

Diesel Driven Pumps
Electric Fire Pump Skids
House Packages

Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Temperature Regulators
Controlled Shower Valves

Pressure Maintaining Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Automatic Control Vales

API & ANSI Process Pumps
High Temperature Pumps


Boiler Feed/ Condensate Return Units
Vacuum Units – Heating, Industrial

Flexible Pump Connectors
Tri-Flex Loops
Expansion Joints

Pressure Booster Systems
Multi-Stage Pumps

Automatic Flow Balancing
Coil Hook-up Packages

Geothermal Controls
Zone Controllers
Boiler Controls
Snow Melt Controls

Air Vents
Pressure Reducing Valves
Steam Traps
Pressure Regulators
Steam Vents
Temperature Regulators

Basket Strainers
Y- Strainers
Check Valves

J.L. Wingert Co.

Bypass Feeders
Packaged Systems

Low Water Cutoffs
Flow Switches
Water Feeders
Level Controls
Pump Controllers


Pex-a Tubing
Radiant Heat Systems
Snow melt Systems
Plumbing Pex-a Tubing

Glass Lined A.S.M.E. Tanks
Buffer Tanks

Direct Steam Injection Heaters
Jet Cookers
Packaged Systems
Specialty Cookers

Fire Protection Equipment

Clean Steam Generators
Packaged Water Heaters


Pumps & Booster Systems
Mechanical Rooms
Data Center Packages

Fiberglass Variable Flow
Cooling Towers

Submersible Sewage/Sump Pumps
Vertical Sewage/Sump Pumps
Control Panels
Fiberglass Basins

Custom Tanks
Glycol Makeup Packages
In-Line Air Purgers