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Customer Service

Parts, Expediting, Order Status, Availability
Beth Dutcher ext. 8703
Caitlyn Brennan ext. 8605
Dan Deahn ext. 8550

Technical Service
John Prestia ext. 8565
Mike Croke ext. 8806

Quotations & Submittals

Buffalo/Western PA

Marcy Amendola ext. 8554


Beth Dutcher ext. 8703


Ashley Dale ext.8809


Caitlyn Brennan ext. 8605

Equipment Start Up/Field Service
Carol Sagasta ext. 8564
Tony Prinz ext 8557

Purchasing & IOM’s
Donna Maniccia ext. 8551

Order Entry / Return Authorizations
Kelsey Urban ext. 8587

Maryl Bedenko ext. 8560
Mariah Mekarski ext. 8572

Outside Sales

Dennis Maines ext. 8561
Drew Maines ext. 8566
Roger Suter ext. 8559
Scott Crego ext. 8555
Thomas Marone ext. 8567

John Thomas ext. 8801
Steve Ballard ext. 8803

Chris Felicetti ext. 8701
Jarrod Winters ext. 8705
Steve Krisko ext. 8702

James Alfieri ext. 8601
Randy Ward ext. 8606
Somer Caine ext. 8604

Fire Pumps & Fire Protection
Bill Cook ext. 8602
Scott Crego ext. 8555

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