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When you are competing for contract jobs, you can potentially win a lot for your company; revenue, work for your crew, and the opportunity to gain notoriety from highly-visible projects. Frank P. Langley specializes in supporting customers with product support and project planning for bidding on government contracts. Even if you are not required to participate in a formal bidding process, optimizing your proposal automatically makes you more competitive.

With every opportunity comes great pressure to plan the job accurately. Balancing adequate budgeting against competitive pricing is complicated. Our engineers have experience contributing planning services to hundreds of major industrial and institutional contracts.


Bidding on government contracts is a great undertaking necessary for securing big jobs. The dual priorities of acting quickly to meet proposal deadlines and making accurate calculations come together create a pressure-cooker of stress. Your sales rep will examine your requirements closely to make sure you are working with realistic yet competitive numbers.

Job Specs

There is no need to waste valuable hours training your staff to perform needs assessments, spec jobs, and calculate estimates when our team of hydronic experts is here. Our engineers deliver big value with prior experience bidding on government contracts just like yours. Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can just go with Frank P. Langley’s expertise!

Product selection

The expression “fewer moving parts” is a motto that’s useful to everybody, but gospel to the systems engineer. Installation costs can make or break labor estimates when you are bidding for government contracts or specking out a major commercial build. Future maintenance is a huge concern for large-scale projects. To cut down on corrective repairs and to make preventative maintenance simple, we carry products designed to last.

Our top brands continually introduce new and improved products. Our sales team knows which pumps and boilers are the easiest to install and least likely to fail. Our favorite brands to recommend for are continually being redesigned to be closed-cased, auto-sealing and generally low maintenance.

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